Danna Joy Images | About

Hi, I’m Danna. I take pretty pictures.

My background is in journalism with a degree in Communications.  I’ve owned and sold a business making organic peanut butter cups, catered to Farmers’ Markets and healthy food places. I photographed my "Joycups"  for promotions, which revived my insatiable passion for storytelling. Only now, instead of words, I tell stories through my lens.

I took a course in Digital Photography at Cuesta Community College and continue to shoot every day, sharpening my skills in lighting, techniques, styles and editing using Adobe Lightroom software. I’ve won some awards and my images have appeared in local promotions or publications.

This year one of my Cayucos images won 1st Place in the annual California Coastal Ocean Photography Contest; one of my images won the PG&E San Luis Obispo County calendar contest to be published in 2018; two of my images won 2nd and 3rd place awards in the 2017 San Luis Obispo New Times/Santa Barbara County Sun 22nd annual photography contest and one landscape image won a photography contest to hang in the California state Capitol representing my Congressional District. In September 2015, I launched Danna joy Images.

My Strength as a Portraiture Photographer

I look for intimate, fun interactions that capture who you are as a family, individual, couple or group. You may not be perfectly posed, but you will love the images because they will resonate with the heart. I’m skilled at finding the best natural light so your very best self shines through. Before you arrive for our session, I’ve scouted our location for light and best scenes so there is never any “standing around” time. I create a friendly, confident and professional environment because children, babies and pets won’t wait...I move wherever they move—quickly! 

Working, Living, Loving in Paradise

I live in Cayucos on California’s Central Coast, a pristine and magical place that is a photographer’s dream. I’m married to a surfing man from a pioneer family whose roots in the Big Sur area make him my walking Wikipedia of San Luis Obispo County. My Norman is a huge help finding and sharing the history of the places I photograph. We have four children, seven grandchildren and a big fat camera-shy cat. 

So, enough about me. I can't wait to hear your story--and tell it in pretty pictures.

Here's how we connect: 
(805) 458-2283